Food for thought …This is your public speaking.

It’s rained on and off all day but the last four hours have seen the sporadic showers morph into something much more continual. A mixture of pedalling and pushing through the darkness allowed little time to think of such things but twenty minutes ago, that came to an abrupt and welcome halt with the arrival […]

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Bear Bones quick guide to quick coffee.

Whether you need help setting yourself up for what’s to come or to soothe away what’s been, there’s nothing better than a lovingly prepared mug of hot coffee is there? With so many options, choosing the right one is nothing short of a minefield, so in an effort to help guide you through the complex […]

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Tried and tested … Alpamayo luggage.

We had our first look at Alpamayo luggage quite a while ago. At the time, I banged on about attention to detail and how incorporating it into luggage design makes the life of a bikepacker a more enjoyable and hopefully, less frustrating one. Well, since then, both the Alpamayo front harness and accessory bag have […]

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Jones+ mini test.

For the third time in as many hours, I drew to a halt, climbed off the bike and lent it against a gate. I looked at it square-on, then I squatted down and looked at it from below. I tipped my head on one side and looked at it again. No matter which way I […]

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