A bigger Monkii – Gorilla cage review.

Why should it be that what we ‘believe’ and what we actually ‘do’, appear at times, to be completely at odds with each other? Could it be that what we ‘know’ plays a major role in separating the two things and ultimately forces us to dwell in the ‘real world’, rather than a largely fictitious […]

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Genesis Longitude 650b+ … first look.

The 2015 Genesis Longitude was a bit of a hit, in fact, it was so much of a surprise hit that demand outstripped supply and in just a few short months all the stocks of both complete bikes and framesets had been sold. Why did it prove to be so popular? I think there’s probably […]

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Alpkit Mytimug 400 – perfectly formed.

When you’re trying to minimise what you carry in terms of either weight or pack-size, any items that are dual-use can make a real difference. Using the same pot you cook in, to eat or drink from isn’t anything new or revolutionary but surprisingly, it is something a lot of people don’t actually do. Being […]

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