The budget bikepacker #1 … LOMO.

Although highly prized, Cuben, carbon and titanium won’t be featuring here. Instead, we’re going to concentrate on gear with a price tag that doesn’t induce a sharp intake of breath through pursed lips and clenched teeth. While we won’t be looking at handmade ultralight exotica, we also won’t be looking at items some may describe […]

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First Look … Sonder Frontier.

Track, downhill, enduro, xc, dirt jump, fat, road and gravel. All recognisable genres in the bubbling, melting pot of cycling. Simply add the word ‘bike’ at the end of every one and your brain will instantly generate an image of what each looks like … but it can’t do that with the word bikepacking. Aside […]

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Bear Bones Bikepacking for beginners guide.

If cycling is the new golf, then I reckon bikepacking is the new cycling. Judging by the amount of publicity and hype surrounding it, you’d imagine that all the trails across our glorious island would be overrun with people heading for bikepack nirvana … but strangely, they’re not. The sight of a loaded bike might […]

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