M.Y.O Eco friendly, sustainable, renewable, ecoligically sound, energy efficient wood gas stove.

Wood-Gas? … when wood burns it gives off different gases and residues (it’s what makes your pot sooty). Some of these are combustible but are often wasted. A wood gas stove uses some of these gases and ignites them in the form of a secondary burn, meaning less fuel, more heat and less black goo […]

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Sanguan SG-T2200 light review.

Every year around this time the lighting arms race swings into action and every year things get brighter. It’s a little strange to think that it wasn’t too long ago that many of us were riding round the hills equipped with 10W of super dooper halogen power! I’d been searching for some new lights for […]

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2012 Bear Bones 200 … quite mad.

Well, the 2012 Bear Bones 200 has been and gone. 42 riders lined up at the (rather damp and windy) start, some looking for the elusive sub 24 hour finish and others just hoping to finish … and a few still harbouring grudges from last year!In 2011 only two riders completed the course in under […]

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