Monkii Cage … round two.

So, this is the second look at the Monkii cage, it’s been used on various bikes and in varying roles. As a ‘normal’ bottle cage used to transport nothing more than a normal water bottle, it behaves exactly as you’d expect. It happily carried a 750ml bottle, it didn’t rattle, shake loose, fall apart or […]

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Ultimate Navigation Manual.

I believe that the ability to navigate goes hand in hand with bikepacking. It used to be that navigation and mountainbiking were deeply entwined but that doesn’t always appear to be the case these days … maybe it’s something to do with trail centres? I think it’s also fair to say that even those blessed […]

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Monkii cage … First look.

Attaching stuff to your bike via bottle cages has become something of a trend. The advent of Salsa’s Anything cage certainly helped increase it’s popularity but the Anything cage has 2 potential drawbacks – it’s a 3 bolt mount and they do have a habit of cracking at the worst possible moment … something I’m […]

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WRT Entries Now Open.

Entries for the 2013 Welsh Ride Thing are now open. This year we’ve also added WRT-lite which follows exactly the same format, except you’ll only be out for the one night.If you like the idea of not really knowing where you’re going, where you’ll be sleeping or if the pub will be open when you […]

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AlpKit Delta – It’s a tent but not as we know it.

If you’re expecting a review of a ‘tent’ in the traditional sense of the word then you might leave a little disappointed … however, if you’re interested in ‘ultralight shelters’ rather than ‘tents’, you’re in luck.   All zipped up. The AlpKit Delta is a tent that didn’t quite make the grade. There are a […]

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