If you go down to the woods today … Bearstock.

Bearstock? As with so many things in life, it all started with a flash of electricity between someone’s ears. That electrical impulse was converted into the medium of speech and before you’d considered that Robert might be a relation, the idea of a ‘party’ had been born. It was scheduled to coincide with the Bear […]

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Wildcat Gear … a double ended dry bag that makes sense.

Double-ended dry bags? It’s a concept I fully understand in theory but I’ve always found that when theory becomes practice, there’s no real world benefit to having a hole at each end. If we were playing dry bag Top Trumps, I’d fail to see how ‘ooh I can get my stuff out of either end’ […]

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Bear Bones, the first five years … part 3.

In part 2 of this epic saga, we were finally introduced to the cuddly bear, a friendly, approachable and perhaps slightly childish fella, who’s character traits epitomise those of nearly every bikepacker I’ve ever met. Flying under his flag were a website, a forum and this very outlet for my observations and ramblings … but […]

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Pinnacle go plus … Ramin+ first look.

Admit it, we all like that new bike feeling but it’s a habit that can be expensive to feed. Sure, there’s cheap bikes out there and a hundred of your British pounds will buy you a bicycle … or at least something resembling a bicycle. It’s unlikely to last very long and will probably eat […]

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