Bikepack Gas Tank – used and abused.

When you’re packing your bike the big stuff’s easy. It’s the stuff you think about and allocate space to … sleeping bag, tarp, cooking stuff, etc. Once it’s all in place you suddenly remember all the little things you’ve forgotten. Sometimes you admit defeat and simply stick it all in a rucksack, other times you […]

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AlpKit Stingray frame bag … first look

Rackless carrying systems are starting to become the norm these days, part of me considers them to be one of the things that divides bikepacking from touring. Frame bags often form the heart or foundation of many rackless set ups, so it didn’t come as too much of a surprise when AlpKit launched theirs. What […]

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8g and 22g meths stoves.

I’ve been designing, building and messing about with meths (and sometimes wood) stoves for quite a few years now. Always looking to make the next one a little better than the previous … lighter, smaller, more efficient, etc. Earlier in the year I’d been on few overnight trips where I didn’t bother to carry a […]

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