Blizzard Bag … an introduction.

This is a Blizzard Bag. It’s waterproof, windproof, reusable and it’s also insulating … in fact independent tests reveal it to have greater insulating properties weight for weight than down! Turkey optional! Obviously the bag would be ideal for emergency situations, just the thing to have stashed in your pack for those ‘what if’ moments […]

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WRT … coming along nicely!

Well, preparations for the 2012 WRT are coming along quite well. The biggest surprise for me was the rate that entries arrived within the first couple of days of opening … something like 50 entrants in the first 48 hours. Granted it’s hardly Mountain Mayhem but I like to believe that bikepacking is much more […]

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Pocket Stove … Review

The new Pocket Stove from is designed to allow you to take advantage of whatever fuel source you have to hand. It’s also designed to be small (hence pocket stove), light and pretty bombproof. It’s constructed entirely from stainless steel, manufactured in the UK and comes packed in a rather handy tin … so […]

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