Stooge – So let’s take a ride and see what’s mine.

I spent 4 consecutive days trying out the Stooge, I wanted to get to know it a little before I put finger to keyboard … this is what I discovered. A last look over the edge, release the brakes, push down on the pedal and off we go … although this was the very first […]

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Stooge … An introduction.

Designing a rigid bike can’t be hard, can it? Bicycles are pretty simple things, once you strip away the whistles and bells, it’s just 2 triangles welded together with a wheel at each end and all the marketing and hype in the world can’t change that. The reality is that designing a rigid bike is a […]

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Bridge Street Saddlebag – First Look.

Sometimes it’s not all about rocky descents and twisty singletrack, sometimes things smooth out and speed up. Maybe your tyres will be narrow and lightly treaded … heaven forbid they might even be slick! When off-road gives way to gravel or tarmac, there’s a chance your luggage requirements might also change … if they do […]

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The Wildcat Lioness – Free your pockets.

If you’re anything like me then you’ll find that when it comes to packing, the big stuff’s easy. Sleeping bag and mat in one place, bivvy bag and tarp in another. Food and cooking kit somewhere else. A place for everything and everything in its place … well, that’s how it works in my head. […]

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Cumulus Quilt 150 – Tried and Tested.

Staying warm through the night while trying to carry the absolute minimum will always involve a little bit of compromise. Obviously there’s nothing lighter than the stuff you leave behind but anyone can be cold and miserable, can’t they? … striking a balance isn’t always easy. I’ve long been a believer in the virtues of […]

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