Tried and very much tested … LOMO waterproof bum-bag.

If the doom-mongers are to be believed then the last couple of months have been the wettest ever recorded. Besides an abundance of rain, I can also personally vouch for the severe high winds that have seemingly accompanied each and every deluge. While we shouldn’t allow these conditions to prevent us from riding, they do […]

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Food for thought … in praise of mid-pack.

Cycling is a contradiction, a double edged sword that requires careful handling if you don’t want to get cut. On the one hand, it’s a performance driven activity, fuelled by personal bests, lap times, energy gels and Strava. On the other, it’s a social affair that incorporates friends, views, cake stops …. and not Strava. […]

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Book Club … Lost Lanes Wales.

Bikepacking … exposed, desolate moorland, high rocky mountains and unrelenting, pathless blanket bog – yeah? No, not really. While these gems may be included, it’s unlikely that they’ll form more than 30% of even the hardest, most stupid or ridiculous route. The fact is, when bikepacking in the UK, it’s highly likely that half of […]

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