Get your Bear Bones mug bands.

If you’re clever and you use the same mug to both make a brew and drink a brew, then you might like to invest in some Bear Bones silicone mug bands. The perfect solution to prevent burnt lips. Simply secure one around the top of your mug and when you take a sip, the band […]

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Atlas Mountain Race with Shona and Rich.

I’m sure Morocco is somewhere many of us would like to spend time exploring, so perhaps it’s no surprise that the Atlas Mountain Race has generated considerable interest amongst cycling’s great unwashed. It’s a seemingly exotic location yet it’s within reach and quite accessible and best of all, it has camels. I caught up with […]

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HydraPak 4 litre Seeker.

Water is heavy. If you don’t know already, I can tell you that a litre weighs 1kg, so you generally don’t want to be carrying more than you really have to. In most cases, a water bottle combined with a filter will provide a plentiful supply throughout the day but what about once you stop […]

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