Lunar Solo Tarptent … I like it.

I’m not going to get into the why and wherefores of tarptents … you’ll know yourself whether they’re the thing for you. There’s advantages and disadvantages when compared to a simple tarp or a fully enclosed tent, your own priorities and circumstances will ultimately make your mind up for you. This is a Lunar Solo […]

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Tarps … come on in, the water’s lovely!

There’s a lot of distrust when it comes to tarps and maybe a little apprehension … after all, if you get it wrong you might be in for a very miserable night. The tarp in the pictures measures 1.5m x 2m, it’s about as small as I’d comfortably go in winter or if I were […]

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The ‘Simple’ Stove.

If you fancy dipping a toe in the warm waters of ultralite cooking but don’t really know where to begin … this could be the answer. It’s both simple in name and nature. Pour your meths in, light it, wait 30 seconds and place your pot on top … told you it was simple! Unlike […]

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