The interview no one else wanted to do.

Imagine the indignity … forced to conduct your own interview. Luckily though, I’m not a proud man, so armed with a variety of questions from the bikepacking populace I’m going to do just that … because it appears that no one else ever will. Okay then, the first question is from Scott and he asks, ‘At […]

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Food for thought … teenage kicks.

It’s not unusual for me to find myself beavering away in the dark recesses of my workshop and this day was no exception. As I busied myself making things … mainly tea, radio 4 chatted away to itself in the background. In time honoured tradition, Jayne Garvey introduced Woman’s Hour just after the news at […]

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Velogical dynamo … First look.

Why don’t all bikepackers use a dynamo? Not only are they a source of unlimited free power but they place a big bold tick in the important box marked ‘self-sufficient’. They’ll run your lights, charge batteries and keep any number of electronic gadgets from becoming little more than excess baggage. Sounds good doesn’t it … […]

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