The Zelter Shelter …. First Look.

A tent that you blow up and you can wear, really? Well, kind of. The Zelter Shelter is certainly wearable and you do blow it up but it’s probably best to think of it in terms of ‘shelter’ rather than ‘tent’. If you compare it to a very spacious hooped bivvy then you’ll be on […]

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Aussie Grit ‘Flint’ jersey review.

In an effort to save my typing finger from the pain of RSI, every know and then I thrust the responsibility of product reviewing onto an unsuspecting citizen of Bear Bones land. On this occasion Sean who hails from a little island of the south coast seemed like the ideal candidate … he rides a lot […]

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Singing in the rain … Karl Booth on the 2019 Highland Trail.

After last years heatwave, the weather on this years Highland Trail took a swing in the opposite direction. Wind and rain combined with cold temperatures made conditions harder than they’ve probably ever being on May’s group start. Following an unfortunate incident with a cow last year (really), Karl Booth once again lined up in Tyndrum […]

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Food for thought … United we fall.

You may choose to identify yourself as a ‘bikepacker’, a modern day frontiersman exploring the lesser known. Maybe a ‘gravel rider’ blurring the line between road and trail? How about an ‘ultra-racer’, the epitome of long distance efficiency or a traditional ‘tourer’ perhaps, propelling your laden beast of burden across continents? It’s been discussed, debated and […]

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