Gorilla bags?

You really need to be careful when it comes to bags, they’re not always what they seem. Many masquerade under a name that bears little or no relation to their intended purpose. This shameful misrepresentation can lead to all kinds of problems for the unwitting purchaser or would be user. Take ‘Lucky bags’ as an […]

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First Look … Porcelain Rocket partial frame bag.

Although well known, highly respected and widely used in the US, Porcelain Rocket luggage is quite a rarity in the UK. The main reason for this obscurity, is the somewhat random approach HM Customs and Excise take to things arriving on our shores from the other side of the Atlantic. Sometimes, luck’s on your side […]

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TLS – the revolutionary packing system.

As a bikepacker or even, a would be bikepacker, the issue of weight can’t have escaped you. Anyone who’s ever puffed and wheezed their way up a one in four or required assistance to lift their two wheeled behemoth over an unweieldly gate, will testify to the fact that weight and its reduction, is a […]

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