Surly Moloko bars … First look.

I’ve travelled down the highway of alternative bars many times. Occasionally and sometimes to my surprise, I arrive in Weirdsville on carnival day but generally I arrive after dark only to find the pub’s shut and the chippy served its last battered sausage an hour ago … it can be a disappointing journey. Funny shaped […]

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Sonder Frontier … Tried and tested.

Me, I’m a fan of simple. The unkind amongst you are now likely thinking, ‘simple is as simple does’ and who knows, maybe you’re right but in my mind, simplicity is the key to both form and function. It’s why I like rigid bikes – what could be simpler than two triangles welded together and […]

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Mag-lok carbon poles.

The weakest part of any sectioned pole will always be the spigot where the sections join. On a well designed pole used correctly, it doesn’t cause a problem. Poles are very strong when subjected to compression forces but what about those stresses applied when subjected to bending forces which might occur if the pole is […]

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Tried and tested … Firepot dehydrated meals.

Food glorious food, don’t care what it looks like, burnt, underdone, crude … did you know Oliver Twist was a hardened bikepacker? Given the right set of conditions, many of us will eat practically anything. Food becomes no more than fuel and as long as we keep stuffing it in, we can hopefully keep turning […]

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Bear Bones Jerseys and gilets … proud to be a ‘Boner’.

Orders are now being taken for the latest batch of Bear Bones jerseys and gilets. Jerseys are available in both long and short sleeve versions while the gilets obviously have none. This is a ladies version. You can tell because it features a smaller bear  … yours may fit differently. You’ll find full details over […]

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