First Look … Sunrace MS3 11/42 Cassette.

We’re very rarely satisfied for long. We’re content enough while we believe that there’s nothing bigger or better out there but once we discover there’s something new and that it might in someway enhance our lives… we’re happy to discard the present for the promise of a shiny bright, exciting future.  My Stooge trundled round […]

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Bear Bones Festive Gift Guide.

As much as we probably don’t really want to think about Christmas and all it entails, time really is marching on. Waking up on December 25th, knowing that you’ve likely got a full day of ‘festivities’ to endure, is one thing but waking up to find nothing except socks and Lynx shower gel beneath the […]

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Book Club … The Year by Dave Barter.

I was fortunate enough to catch the majority of a talk at the Alpkit BSO back in September. It was a talk hosted by Dave Barter and was about the largely forgotten, ‘Year’ cycling record. My late arrival landed me the worst seat in the house and I’ll admit to spending the first five minutes […]

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Leave no trace … campfires.

Humans have a fascination with fire and the male of the species seem to be particularly affected. We all know that women aren’t allowed within ten feet of a BBQ … well, not unless the men folk have gone off to hunt down more beer. Not that long ago, everyone had a fire in their […]

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Food for thought … communication breakdown.

A dozen tyres roll onto tarmac and into civilisation. The sound of rubber on gravel ceases but almost instantly it’s replaced by far more irritating noises – beep, beep, brrrr, twing, beep, the sound of communication. Gloves are removed, finger tips skate effortlessly over screens and for ten minutes we stand in the rain only […]

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