Smoothing the edges … the Bear Bones guide to not going bikepacking.

There’s something wrong with me. I’m not referring to the extra rib I possess or my inability to recognise colours. I’m not talking about the unidentified lump on my left leg or the fact that all my finger nails are split following a childhood infection. No, what’s wrong with me is something a little less […]

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MSR Trailshot … a lighter way to carry water.

I’m not a fan of carrying any more than I have to. Packing for a trip usually involves removing things rather than adding them, continually balancing on the edge of just enough and too little. Some people will question this approach and I really don’t blame them. It certainly appears geeky, maybe foolhardy and on […]

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Proviz Reflect 360 gilet … Blinding!

I firmly believe that cycling off-road is safer than cycling on road. There may be trees, rocks and numerous other trail obstacles to contend with but unlike cars, they generally aren’t travelling towards you at 50mph. As a bikepacker, I try and find the quiet places, the one’s where most people don’t go. I weave […]

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