Trekmates Storm Bivi … first look.

Perhaps before we begin, I should come clean and say that, I’m not the greatest fan of hooped bivvies. However, I should also clarify that statement by saying, my preferences are purely personal and many people either like using a hooped bivvy bag or are at least drawn to the concept and idea of a […]

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The 2020 BB200 – Covid edition.

It’s been a strange year for cycling events and everything else really. Regardless of your own personal views about the situation, as an ‘organiser’ you need to possess a clear view of the bigger and longer lasting picture … and that means towing the line and making sure that you’re seen to be doing the […]

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Book Club … Nordic Cycle.

Whether you’re a fan of the term ‘Bucket List’ or not (and by the way, I’m not), you can’t deny that most bikepackers will have one. It may not be a physical list lovingly typed up or even one scrawled hurriedly on a scrap of paper. It might only exist in the back of your […]

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