Bear Bones New Years Honours.

It’s a time of year for reflection. The mark on the calendar when we look back and acknowledge the deeds and achievements accomplished by the great and the good amongst whatever peer group we subscribe to. There was a time when I used to anticipate the arrival of news. News that ‘Bear Bones’ had received […]

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Smoove lube … perfect for a nasty chain of events.

Chain lube? It’s not the stuff of dreams is it? Even the geekiest amongst us probably wouldn’t place chain lube high on the list of interesting topics but maybe we should. Is chain lube not the very elixir of life, a last line of defence against a cruel and savage world, hell-bent on rusty destruction […]

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Lomo waterproof seat-pack … First look.

I can still remember seeing my first piece of ‘bikepacking luggage’ and thinking what a great idea it was. The other overwhelming thought swirling round in my head as I stroked the X-pac and fondled the buckles was, bloody hell that’s a lot of money for a bag. I’m sure it’s a thought many people […]

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