Millican Dalton – A search for Romance and Freedom

Millican Dalton may not be a name you know, although you just might have heard of the Borrowdale Caveman or the Professor of Adventure … both of whom were Millican Dalton. At the age of 36 Millican Dalton gave up his ‘normal’ life and embarked upon another, quite extraordinary one. The majority of this new […]

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Tough as old boots.

Someone asked me how strong a Bear Bones stove is. They wanted to know if it would stand up to the rigours of life living in a pack, I decided to find out. My scientific research would suggest that they’re at least as tough as old boots … even with a ten and a half […]

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El-an Back … done and dusted.

Last year we had Mach n Back, this year was El-an Back. For the second January in a row the Bear Bones Add-venture proved to be a cold one. Just over 40 riders turned up to brave the elements and mid Wales terrain … which may have caused a few moments for those not familiar […]

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Hotpog Pogies – warm hands for winter.

I’m told it’s going to be the worst winter since 1947, which may or may not turn out to be true. One thing’s certain though, if winter does turn nasty, then I want to be out in it on my bike and these are going to help. The ‘these’ in question are Hotpogs pogies … […]

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