20° but feels like 8° … Windproof tops.

We’ve all experienced the affects of ‘wind chill’ and it doesn’t need to be particularly windy before we feel them … just think how much colder you are at the bottom of a long descent than you were at the top. A windproof top can make the ideal ‘extra layer’ to stuff in your pocket […]

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Plastic fantastic … lighter than Ti, cheaper than chips.

A while ago I posted something about cooking without a cooker but if you’re really wanting to push things, could you go further? Maybe there’s a way you could dispense with the pot / mug altogether and replace it with something much lighter, infinitely cheaper and available pretty much everywhere … the humble plastic bottle, […]

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Apidura luggage – first look.

Close your eyes for a second and imagine yourself in Banff, sometime around the second week of June or maybe even mid-Wales in May or October. You’ll notice that although there’s a multitude of makes and models and every type of bike present, at least 90% of them will have something in common, aside from […]

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AlpKit Rig 3.5 – a dummies guide.

Despite my best efforts over the last few years not everyone ‘gets’ tarps. For some people tarps seem to present the great outdoors with the ideal opportunity to make the hours of darkness wet, cold, windy and completely miserable … sound familiar? Trying to sleep under a tarp that’s flapping like a duck taking off […]

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