Like single speed but need gears?

Sturmey Archer is likely to be a name many of you are familiar with from childhood … time spent riding, breaking and trying to fix bicycles that in reality should have been left in the skips you retrieved them from. Those of you that know what I’m talking about will be well aware of Sturmey […]

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Plenty up front … Velocity Dually.

There’s a lot of interest at the moment regarding ‘plus’ … you know, a wide rim coupled to an oversize tyre. It all started with Surly and their Krampus and its 50mm Rabbit Hole rims and 3″ Knard tyres, which resulted in something Surly termed ’29+’. I have to say that I was somewhat sceptical […]

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Trekkertent cuben tarp … light just got lighter.

I’ve long been a fan of the humble flat tarp. What they lack in whistles and bells, they more than make up for in simplicity, versatility, pack size and low weight … and shelters don’t come much lighter than the Trekkertent cuben flat tarp. Ample room as a half pyramid. The tarp’s made from 25g/m […]

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The Mytimug is dead – long live the Mytimug.

The AlpKit Mytimug has been a favourite of cost conscious outdoor types for a good number of years. Since its introduction it’s undergone a couple of makeovers, the first was 2008 and the second was last week … the Mytimug is dead, long live the Mytimug. Numerous adventures – adventures to come. The first and […]

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On-One Gravel Road tyre – mini review.

Having the ‘right’ tyres can make life a great deal easier and conversely rolling on the ‘wrong’ tyres can make life so much harder than it need be. Recent forays along the seemingly endless network of Welsh farm tracks and forest roads, would suggest that selecting the ‘wrong’ tyre for your crosser / gravel racer […]

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