Bear Bones meths trouble shooting guide.

The meths stove is a thing of beautiful simplicity, just air and fuel. Get the combination right and even the most basic design will be transformed into a light, efficient and usually compact travelling companion … however, get it wrong and the lightweight shine will wear off all too soon. Luckily, the inherent simplicity of […]

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The 4″ sceptic … Part 3

If you were ever unfortunate enough to watch the X Files, you’ll know that they were fond of telling us that “The truth is out there” but sadly, they never actually bothered to clarify quite where it was. With no clues forthcoming, I decided to take my personal search for the ‘truth’ to the Berwyn […]

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Food for thought … adventure for all?

It’s difficult to avoid the word Adventure at the moment. It’s become very, very popular, seemingly the world has decided to forgo the settee, get off its arse, embrace the great outdoors and embark on an adventure of some shape, size or form. Personally, I think this explosion of interest is great, encouraging people to […]

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Food for thought … in all but name.

Bikepacking is like touring, just as pears are like apples … they look different, they smell different and they taste different but they’re both fruit. Some people will dismiss that last statement, believing wholeheartedly that ‘bikepacking’ is just a fancy new name for touring dreamt up by suited marketeers in an effort to sell the […]

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The weighting game … part 2

Hello again weight watchers – last time, I promised to return armed with a few real life kit lists and here they are. They’re taken from this years Welsh Ride Thing and give a fairly detailed view of what each rider was carrying … the weights stated at the side of the riders name are […]

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