Tervail Cumberland Tyre … First Look

I’ve often pondered on why someone would ever pose the question, “what tyres for insert random surface / event / location”? I don’t know about you but an average ride for me will see my tyres rolling over everything from tarmac to sticky mud. There’ll be rocky bits, gravelly bits, grassy bits, flat bits (not […]

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Sierra Designs Backcountry 20 Quilt.

I’m a long time fan of quilts because I like the simplicity and ease of use. I realise sleeping bags aren’t particularly difficult to use but to my mind, simply lying down and pulling something over the top of yourself seems much less faff than messing about with poppers, zips, toggles and those little Velcro […]

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Bear Bones alternative bothy guide part 2 … the big night.

Better late than never, they say but in this instance, late is a truly positive thing as the delay in me writing part two of the ‘Alternative bothy guide’ has provided an additional opportunity for your ‘bothy’ to fully ferment and mature. Hopefully, if you read, digested and acted upon the advice contained within part […]

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Bear Bones guide to maps an’ stuff – Part 2.

Hello and congratulations on finding part 2 of the Bear Bones guide to maps and stuff – that in itself must surely prove that part 1 was a great success – perhaps? We’ll continue in part 2 with more random map related stuff that I’m afraid isn’t really in any particular order but just happened […]

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