First Look … Exped Hyperlite sleeping mat.

Every item of equipment you choose to buy, is tainted by compromise. A balancing act, a trade-off between one attribute and another. You might decide to buy something that’s a little heavier than you’d like because it packs smaller. A slightly less robust item may have been selected because it was considerably cheaper than the […]

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Gravel+ … it could be great.

Gravel, adventure, gnarmac or cyclocross. It doesn’t much matter which moniker you care to hang off it because when the gravel gets lumpier, the adventure becomes more adventurous or things get a little gnarlier than you expected … your re-branded cyclocross bike is going to get out of its depth. In some instances, it might be […]

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Tried and Tested … Trekkertent Bathtub.

When the intrepid bikepacker thinks about getting wet, it’s usually in the form of rain from above. However, while you’re unlikely to get quite as wet from below … you can still get unpleasantly damp.  Using a bivvy bag obviously negates the issue of wet ground but it’s not without its draw-backs. Firstly, there’s the […]

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The 4″ sceptic … part 4.

If you read part 3 of this saga, you may recall that I was just starting out on the quest to discover whether a fat bike really does make a good ‘all rounder’. Many of those riders already trundling round the countryside atop a fat bike appeared to think so but my initial ride left […]

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Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.

Cheerful hey? Contrary to popular belief it wasn’t Bill Shakespeare who coined the phrase above reminding us that we should make the most of our time. My in-depth research tells me that the phrase is actually a bastardisation of two different quotes from the Old Testament but I suppose whoever and wherever doesn’t really matter […]

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