Search for the ultimate pillow – Klymit Cush.

UPDATE: After spending quite a few nights cuddled up with my Klymit Cush pillow, I can safely a number of things. 1/ It still holds air, it’s not punctured or developed any mystery leaks. 2/ The Cush is the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever used. 3/ Whether you’re a back or side sleeper the pillow […]

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Wet Ride Thing 2012

Well that’s it, the 2012 WRT is over, done and dusted, finished. The weather for the most part was lousy and the midges vicious but that didn’t stop the ‘fun’. I’d like to say a big thank you to all those who entered, all those who took part and a really, really big thank you […]

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WRT … The Start

Well, the weather wasn’t quite as bad as expected for the start of the 2012 WRT. It was misty and cold given the time of year but it wasn’t raining … although I’m sure it will at some point over the weekend. Here’s a few pics from the start … enjoy. Ian’s Singular … 33lb […]

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And so it begins … nearly

Well it’s the eve of the WRT, by this time tomorrow something like 120 riders from all over the UK and abroad will be strung out over the Welsh countryside. There’s been no shortage of the usual panic that accompanies the bult up to the WRT, I’m sure the very varied weather forecasts have played […]

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