The art of staying warm – part 1.

I once read that ‘bivouac’ was the native American word for ‘mistake’ … now, while that’s not actually true it did get me thinking about peoples perception of a bivvy. In the company of like-minded souls, saying you’re going to spend the night outside at this time of year is fine, it’ll usually be met […]

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29+ … the future?

I imagine a good percentage of the people reading this will be familiar with the concept of 29″ wheels and the thinking behind them. I’ll also guess that over 50% of you are already riding 29″ wheels or that they’ll be a feature on your next bike. So … if 29″ wheels are possibly better suited […]

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Shaped tarp shoot out – Part 1 SilShelter

Flat tarps tend to feature quite heavily within the bikepacking world. As potential shelters go, they’re reasonably light, fairly compact and usually cheaper than the alternatives. Some people will always be a little sceptical and view them with suspicion. Others might be even more scathing though and to them, sleeping under a simple piece of […]

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Project F.A.F Tracker

It appears that the whole cycling world has gone a little Cyclocross mad. Oddly, I think I might have been a little ahead of the wave and sold my last one just before everyone else bought one. Alongside Cyclocross there’s another, similar yet different cycling genre that’s gaining popularity, the discipline of Gravel Racing or […]

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Questioned … Ron Bell from MLD.

MLD are one of the most influential companies in the ultralight gear world and the man at the reigns is Ron Bell. It gets pretty busy over at MLD, so I’m very glad to report that Ron has kindly taken the time to answer some questions for Bear Bones … enjoy. 1/ Do you ride? […]

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Got wood? – Got Tea?

Wood seems like the ideal bikepacking fuel, it’s free and you can usually find a few twigs pretty much anywhere. You don’t need to carry any supplies and you should never run out … so why isn’t it more widely used?I’ve experimented with a few different wood stoves over the last few years. Both commercial […]

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