Pinnacle Arkose ltd and the man responsible.

The world has many names to describe the latest incarnation of drop-bar, wide tyred, do anything bicycles but my personal favourite is ‘Gravel Bike’ – I like the term, it’s compact, direct and uncomplicated. There’s no ambiguity or confusion attached to it and even just whispering the name produces a feeling of solid, workmanlike certainty. […]

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Wolf Tooth B-rad … for when bottle meets bag.

I’m sure the manufacturers of your bike never gave a seconds thought to the fact that you’d start strapping bags to it. If they had, then they might have put the bottle cage mounts somewhere different. Frame bags and water bottles is rarely a match made in heaven – side access cages help but you […]

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GSI Bugaboo – A Ti mug that isn’t.

The titanium mug. Once upon a time it was almost a novelty, a blatant extravagance, an aspirational item that made a statement about the owners intentions, yet now it’s borderline mundane, bikepacking standard issue and a prerequisite for every self-propelled vagabond. It’s probably no surprise that the ‘Ti mug’ has found its way into the […]

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