The art of staying warm – part 2

In part 1 we looked at trying to minimise heat loss through conduction by improving our ground insulation … now it’s time for convection.Convection happens in response to the movement of a fluid or gas. We can pretty much forget about fluid and concentrate on gas and for our purposes that gas is air. The […]

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Shaped Tarp Shootout – Part 3 MLD Trailstar

The MLD Trailstar is a 5 sided tarp, all 5 panels are the same size / shape and there’s no zippers, vents, flaps or door. It’s a unique design that produces a shelter unmistakable from anything else. The Trailstar can be erected with 6 pegs and a single pole as a minimum. There’s 5 additional […]

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Mini review – Fenix MC10 angle light.

If you spend your nights outside then at some point you’ll be requiring some sort of light. The Fenix MC10 (and the latest MC11 version) isn’t the usual headtorch. It can be used as a headtorch when combined with the additional strap but even without, it’s a versatile bit of kit. The light has a […]

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Shaped Tarp Shootout – Part 2 ZPacks Hexamid.

If you hadn’t already twigged, Hexamid is short for Hexangonal Pyramid. It’s not an uncommon shape for a shelter (the BPWD Lair has been mentioned on numerous occasions here) but this offering from ZPacks must one of the lightest available. Plenty of room for Billy no mates. There’s a few different models of Hexamid, this […]

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