Winter … it won’t last forever, will it?

This time of year can be difficult for the bikepacker. Short, cold days and long dark nights aren’t particularly inviting and the prospect of yet another eight hours huddled under a tarp listening to the rain, really doesn’t make you want to grab your bike and get out there, does it? The sun will come […]

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Bikepacking … just say NO.

If I could give one single piece of advice to the would-be bikepacker, it would simply be – don’t bother. Life’s too short, the pain too real and the sacrifices just too great. Contrary to what the glossy adverts and articles would have you believe, becoming a bikepacker will negatively impact every facet of your […]

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WRT … A flight simulator.

WRT? Which rabbit Tony? Wrinkly right toe? Warm rectal thermometer? No, forget your personal habits for a moment – WRT stands for Welsh Ride Thing. If you’ve not heard of it before, then please allow me to try and explain … it’s a blindingly simple concept, but that same simplicity, can make it somewhat hard […]

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Ramin 3+ review.

They say, ‘money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy bikes and that’s near enough’. It’s a reasonable argument but for the majority who inhabit a ‘real world’ that isn’t full of six figure salaries and country mansions, it’s a philosophy that they probably won’t be able to embrace fully. While appealing, it’s likely […]

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