Cable Lubie – free ‘n easy in a dirty world.

Some things in life hit you head-on, smack, straight in the face. No warning, their full force coming to bear in an instant. Other things in life are sneakier. They creep up on you slowly, gradually and by the time you’re aware of their presence, it’s too late, they’ve taken hold and the damage is […]

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Bikepacking … A pursuit for the older gent?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have met many bikepackers and general two wheeled vagrants over the years. Some I’ve ridden with, others I’ve simply chatted to while plying them with tea. In that time, I’ve begun to notice that aside from the obvious personal hygiene issues, there’s two things that 70% have in common … […]

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K-Lite Bikepacker Pro … first look.

For some, riding a bike in the dark is simply a necessity that they could happily live without and for others, it’s an accepted part of year-round cycling in UK. Love or loath the dark nights it matters not, because one thing you’ll need to both endure or enjoy the hours of darkness, is a […]

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