Stan, a goat and the Lone Ranger … More Ramin 3+

Regular visitors to this little piece of bikepacking paradise, will probably be well aware of my liking for the Pinnacle Ramin 3+ … those of you not up to speed with our heady relationship, can catch the omnibus by clicking here – don’t worry, we’ll just talk amongst ourselves and wait until you get back.As […]

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The Timber Bell … Ding Dong.

It could go like this. “Ooh, good morning, can I just …”. “Where’s yer bloody bell, you should have a bell on that thing” and at other times, it’ll be more like this. Ding, ding. “Yeah alright, I’m not bloody deaf ya know, there’s no need to go ringing that thing”.Bicycle bells are a pointed […]

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CS Lubricant … Chain oil or Snake oil?

It might seem rather strange that there’s a product that caters equally for the lazy, the forgetful and the racer. Generally, racers aren’t lazy and forgetful people don’t race … as they usually forget to enter. So, what could this all encompassing product be? I hear you mumble … Chain lube that’s what but seemingly, […]

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The Weatherneck … perfect for riding bikes or special op’s.

Modern cycle helmets are very good but perhaps on occasion, they’re too good. In the height of summer when the sun’s beating down, it’s nice to have something sat on your head that lets the heat out and the breeze in … but what about winter? Those very same, specially designed vents are now letting […]

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