Bear Bones bamboo T.

I think it’s perhaps fair to say that, washing, clean clothes and general personal grooming are things which often fall by the wayside when bikepacking. However, help to combat the potential side effects of such neglect is now at hand in the form of Bear Bones bamboo T shirts. You might not realise this but […]

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Budget Bikepacker – Lumitact G700.

What would the world of bikepacking and especially that of ITT look like if it weren’t for lithium batteries and LED technology? … yes, that’s right, you’d have no idea what it’d look like because it’d be too dark to see it. I believe it’s fair to say that lighting technology has quite literally dragged […]

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How a route is born – the birth of a BB200.

A few people have recently asked me how the BB200 / 300 routes are devised, so I thought I’d try and explain and possibly help dispel any rumours that it’s all simply done with a map, blindfold, three darts and a drunken spider by the name of Doris. Perhaps it’s easier to begin at the […]

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All that glitters ….

The prize glistened just inches below the surface. I pushed my hand through the cool clear water and brought it to the surface. My faithful Leatherman made swift work of releasing the golden genie from its lamp. They say “be careful what you wish for” but the second I lifted the bottle to my mouth […]

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