Mini Review – Terra Nova Hot Bags.

Preventing cold hands while riding is actually pretty easy to achieve … but preventing your hands getting cold once you’ve stopped can sometimes prove trickier. You could carry round a pair of woolly gloves knitted by your gran, chances are they’ll keep your hands reasonably warm but they do have limitations. Firstly they’re not windproof, […]

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Project ‘Proper Shopper’ … Finished.

So here we are … 5 weeks, a little head scratching and gallons of tea have gone into turning a 40-something year old Raleigh 20 Shopper into a slightly shinier 40-something year old Raleigh 20 Shopper! The first post about this project was entitled ‘An exercise in pointless’ and I’m sure for many, that may […]

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Mini Review … Loksak pouches.

There’s certain bits of kit that you really want to keep dry. Soggy money, damp cameras and moist phones won’t usually serve you very well.  The faithful nylon dry bag is 1 solution to keeping your bits dry but for some items, even a tiny 1 litre dry bag’s a lot bigger that you actually […]

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Proper Shopper … there’ll be nothing left.

Seeing as it seemingly hasn’t stopped raining for the past week I retreated to the workshop for a bit more project ‘Proper Shopper’. There was still a couple of jobs to finish on the frame, the first of which was re-tapping the bottom bracket shell to 24tpi from the standard 26tpi. Trust me when I […]

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WRT 2014 … you know you want to.

If you’ve done the WRT before then you can skip this post, you already know what’s involved, what to expect and how strangely satisfying it is to roll into the finish, eat cake, drink tea and tell anyone prepared to listen about your adventures. If you haven’t had the pleasure … then maybe it’s about […]

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