Highland Trail 550 … From the inside.

At 10.00am on May 24th, riders from both the UK and abroad will line up on a nondescript stretch of gravel road in the Scottish village of Tyndrum. Their goal is to return to the very same point as quickly as possible … there’s just the small issue of 560 miles of Scotland’s most wild […]

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Stooge Cycles … 29″ Punk Rock.

Stooge Cycles probably isn’t a name you’ll be familiar with but given the bikepacking worlds love of steel 29ers, I think that situation may soon change. Just like Mr King, Andrew Stevenson had a dream and that dream is about to become reality … his own bike company.I fired 10 questions over to Andrew hoping […]

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Titanium Goat Kestrel bivvy bag … First look.

Bivvy (bivy, bivi) bags come in numerous flavours. You can have something fully waterproof or nearly waterproof. Something with a fully enclosed hood or would a simple drawcord suit better? How about arm holes? Midge netting perhaps? Different material top and bottom maybe? … choices, choices. Once you’ve decided to embrace the ‘way of the […]

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Thermartex Bedding Blanket – First look.

Staying warm is easy … staying warm while carrying as little as possible isn’t quite so simple! The Thermartex blanket is a new product that will hopefully help in the endless quest for warmth without weight or bulk. The first thing to remember is that the blanket is designed for sleeping under, one thing it’s […]

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