The Restrap Hike-a-Bike harness.

There are some products that possess mass appeal. Their end user is recognisable, easily defined and most importantly, abundant. There are also those products who’s appeal is somewhat limited but that doesn’t mean it’s a poor product, on the contrary, it may be fantastic but it generally exists to fulfill a highly specialist role, a […]

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Highland Trail 550 with Liz Tromans.

Each year following the HT550, I like to pick on someone who rode and ask them some questions. This year, that mithering email found its way into Liz Tromans inbox. It was Liz’s first time attempting what many consider to be the UK’s toughest ITT and she finished in 7 days, 9 hours and 9 […]

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Take a seat ….

… or don’t. I’ve long thought that bikepackers can generally be divided into two subcategories. Some will stand firmly on one side of the fence and never waver but others will happily transcend any line as circumstance dictates. What is it then, this thing that divides us and separates one from the other? Well, it’s […]

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