Bear Bones, the first 5 years … part 5.

You could be forgiven for harbouring the belief that part 5 of this saga was never coming and to be fair, that belief was largely correct, yet, here we are with another instalment. Why now? You may ask. The reason is two-fold, firstly I figure that I need to write this stuff down before I […]

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First look … SOTO Muka stove.

If you frequent these pages on a regular or semi-regular basis then you might recall my time spent with a Fire maple petrol stove. As is so often the way – things were going well until they suddenly weren’t. I could have thrown in the towel or at least tried to smoother any potential fire […]

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Criterion Quantum 200 sleeping bag.

Put more than half a dozen bikepackers in a room / field / ditch together and you’ll quickly discover that generally, we can’t agree on anything. There’ll be those who choose a tent rather than a tarp and those who won’t. Some will shudder at the very mention of sleeping in a bivvy bag yet […]

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Quick look – Ryder Nutcracker.

I don’t like carrying stuff I don’t have to but the decision to carry the absolute minimum can sometimes come back and bite you … it’s not really a question of if but more a matter of when. Any biting you do encounter won’t happen on a warm summers day, oh no, the fangs will […]

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