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Event dates: Weekend 8/9 October 2022 or Weekend 5/6 November 2022

Are you ready to test your fitness and resolve? Two dates to choose from.

  • You must be totally self-sufficient throughout the event.
  • You must complete either of the routes within 36 hours to qualify for a badge.
  • BB300 riders, firstly enter the 200 and then email Stu with your intent (black badge holders only).

Photo © Mike Clarke

What is the Bear Bones 200?
It is a self supported, long distance bikepacking event. The challenge is to complete the route with no outside assistance, support or back-up, meaning you’ll need to rely on your own skills, fitness and determination to get you to the end. The route changes each year but you can expect a distance of around 200km, 5,000m of ascent and with a good percentage of the route being ‘off road’, it’s never an easy undertaking. The Cambrian Mountains provide a spectacular backdrop, so expect remote tracks, hike-a-bike sections and steep valleys, which obviously means steep climbs too.

There are a number of items that must be carried by all riders (sleeping bag, shelter, lights and phone) and a few others that while not compulsory should find their way into your kit (first aid, tools, spares, etc) … hopefully common sense and experience will prevail here. It is also advisable that you carry a back-up means of navigation should your GPS fail mid-route. While not compulsory for the Bear Bones 200/300, a SPOT tracker or Garmin Inreach can be a worthwhile investment … it provides peace of mind for the rider and for those at home.

Should you complete the entire route within 24 hours, you will be awarded a coveted black badge, less than 28 hours and you’ll receive a blue badge and sub 36 hours will result in a green.
To enter the BB300, you must hold a BB200 black badge and consider yourself capable of completing the ride within 36 hours. We advise that BB300 riders are underway by 8.00am at the latest.

Can anyone enter?
The BB200 is designed to be a true test, it’s not a social ride or a ‘tour’ and shouldn’t be undertaken as such. If you prefer to take your time and socialise, then the WRT or Winter event is probably more your thing. However, if you’re the type of rider who enjoys a challenge and and wants to push themselves, then the BB200 most certainly is for you.

Where is the start/finish?
Hot drinks will be served from 7.00am at the event start – Ysgol Llanbrynmair & Community Centre, Powys SY19 7DH. There’s no grand depart or set start time and riders are free to get underway anytime between 7.00am and 9.00am. Whether you complete the route or not, you will still be welcomed back to hot food and more tea than is strictly good for you, served from 7.00am on Sunday.

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