Highland Trail … survival of the luckiest.

No one sets out on the Highland Trail thinking that they won’t finish. To do so would be to undermine your chances even further than the 50/50 where they stand prior to the start. The unforgiving terrain, fickle weather and not inconsiderable distance involved, can conspire against even the fittest and most well prepared, leaving […]

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The 4″ sceptic … Part 2.

If you’ve just arrived, you might like to bring yourself up to speed by reading part one of our voyage of discovery, a journey to see whether a fat bike (and rider) really can cope when pressed into service as a general all rounder … we shall begin where we left off, with a pile […]

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Nathan ClipLight … be seen, be safe kids.

Sometimes, it isn’t until you’re actually sat inside a car, trundling along a windy country lane, that you realise just how difficult anything other than another car is to spot … and that includes the self-propelled two wheeled adventurer. We could all wear hi-viz and day-glo but generally our attire has more in common with […]

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