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Hello again weight watchers – last time, I promised to return armed with a few real life kit lists and here they are. They’re taken from this years Welsh Ride Thing and give a fairly detailed view of what each rider was carrying … the weights stated at the side of the riders name are for EVERYTHING including bike and all water / food carried from the start.

I’m not going to conduct an autopsy on the lists, just read them and see how they’d compare to your own but it is obvious that taking more does result in a heavier bike. What’s also clear is that, weights of 40lb can be achieved without cutting corners or reducing levels of overnight comfort or safety … decent shelter, proper mat, a capable sleeping bag and warm clothing can all be packed and carried.

If you consider that over half the bikes at this years ‘weigh in’ tipped the scales at over 50lb and the heaviest was 80lb, you might start to wonder just what actually gets carried ;o)

Chew – Singular Swift 39.5lb

Front harness and 8L drybag:
Cumulus 250 quilt
Snozzle bag
Rab primaloft vest
Pound shop gloves
Bearbones bennie
Woolly socks
Merino top
Long johns
Pole-A-Bear alloy pole

Wingnut 2.5:
Exped synmat S
Bearpaw lair
Borah bivi
Marmot pillow
6 alpkit tent pegs
Chain splitter + links
Toothbrush + paste
Sawer filter + bladder
Mug + stove + meths + lighter
2 pasta sachet ready meals

Taylor – DMO Element 29er 42lb

Frame bag:
Cook kit/fuel (400ml cup/BB 8g stove)
Small pack of bog roll and wipes
Tooth brush and paste
Head torch
Printed copy of route(6 pages of double sided A4)
Pole and Pegs
Spare batteries
Electrolyte drops
Sea 2 summit packable backpack for collecting food/sweets/alcohol on the way to camp
V.small first aid kit
Tick Twisters

Handlebar roll:
Enlightend Equipment 4deg quilt
Full length Neoair
Down T shirt
Smartwool boxers
Smartwool socks
Smartwool long sleeved top
Cheap Ronhill Trackster copies
Woolie hat

Handlebar bag:
Food (2 x porridge’s, 1 x mains. The rest was bought from shops/pubs/visitors centres).
iPhone with earphones
USB charger from dynamo hub for phone charging
SPOT tracker

Toptube pack:

Six moons Designs MK1 Lunar Solo

Alpkit feed bag:

On bike
2 x 750ml bottles

42lb up and dressed

Si Gair – Singular Gryphon 45lb

Wildcat Tiger seat harness / Alpkit 8L drybag:
SMD Lunar Solo Tarp Tent
Bear Bones 22g meths burner
Alloy Windshield
125ml Meths
Snow Peak Ti mini solo cookset 830ml + 330ml mugs
Alpkit Lhoon 
Highland Flask w. 250ml cognac
100g pepper salami
100g mature cheddar
1x expedition foods dehydrated meal
2 x porridge with honey & currants
2 x Coffee bags
2 x tea bags

Wildcat Mountain Lion front harness / Alpkit 8L drybag:
Regular Neo Air sleeping mat
PHD down 1/2 bag
Mamut inflatable pillow
PHD Duvet jacket used with half bag for sleeping
merino socks
Running shorts with liner
l/s merino thermal top

Frame bag:
Clasp knife
Spare tube
Tyre lever
Pre-glued patches
Tyre boot
8 x alloy pegs
Carbon pole-a-bear pole
Sawyer mini Water filter
Goretex paclite jacket
Goretex 3/4 waterproof trousers
Merino Arm Warmers
Merino 3/4 leg warmers
Windproof Gillet

Wildcat Lioness:
Silnylon rucksack for supplies
Head Torch
Rear light
Garmin Edge 800 GPS
2nd Gen SPOT tracker
2 x 1:50k maps in map case
10,000mAh USB battery
Charging cables for phone & GPS
Cash & debit card
First aid kit
Loo paper & wet wipes
Toothbrush & paste
Chamois cream

Alpkit Stem Cell:
8 x mule bars
4 x energy gels
20 x isotonic tabs for water

On bike:
2 x 500ml bottles

Si Darby – Genesis Fortitude Race 52lb

Old model Revelate bar harness with 13 litre dry bag:
Thermarest 3/4 mat
LifeVenture sleeplight 750 synthetic sleeping bag
TrekMates bivvi bag
Vango Adventure tarp with 4 steel pegs
Orange plastic survival bag as a groundsheet

Alpkit small Fuel Pod containing:
Chocolate bars
Energy drink tablets
various other snack foods

Wildcat Gear Medium Tiger seatpack harness with 13 litre dry bag:
Rab down jacket
Thermal longjohns
Merino wool jersey
Thick socks
Thick gloves
Wooly hat
Micro towel
BearBones “polar” buff

Berghaus Freeflow 20 rucksack:
2 spare inner tubes
puncture repair kit
Two multi-tools (with different tools on)
Folding Knife
Water purification tablets
Spare AA lithium batteries for GPS
Power Monkey auxiliary power supply for phone
Mobile phone
Small Primus gas stove
Small gas canister
2 disposable lighters
AlpKit MyTiMug
Enough food for whole WRT
OS paper maps covering whole route with route highlighted

Silva Compass

On bike:
Exposure Joystick Mark 9 front light
Some random clip on rear LED light
Garmin Dakota 10 GPS unit
2 x 750ml water bottles
Blackburn pump

Remember, eating too much can pile on the pounds.
Thanks to Chew, Si, Taylor and Si for baring their souls.


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