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Sometimes it’s not all about rocky descents and twisty singletrack, sometimes things smooth out and speed up. Maybe your tyres will be narrow and lightly treaded … heaven forbid they might even be slick!

When off-road gives way to gravel or tarmac, there’s a chance your luggage requirements might also change … if they do then the Bridge Street Saddlebag could be just the thing.

15L mounted with the ‘High’ bracket.

The saddlebags are available in 3 different sizes ranging from 4 to 15 litres, 5 different colours and 2 different mounts, so there really should be one to suit whatever you’re doing.

The bag doesn’t touch anything, so nothing to rub.

Regardless of size, all the bags feature quick release fittings so they can be removed in a couple of seconds and put back on just as quickly – handy for the B&B, pub or cafe stops.

15L never looked so big before.

I’ve been using the 15L version for the last month or so and it’s proving ideal for those less adventurous outings … a full review is in the pipeline but in the meantime you can find out more at Bridge Street Designs.

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  1. numplumz says:

    I've had one of these for almost a year having got it from the kickstarter project. I use the direct to seatpost mount and found the bag great for the commute on and off road. Its proved versatile due to the varying size and the straps keep stuff from rattling round when your wearing the waterproof that was in it.
    The rear light loop is useless as the light just points to the ground, which is a pain as it takes up the space your light normally goes.
    lately it has started to be problematic, the solid back come base piece has become weak at the corner and bounces around so much more than from new.
    Recently I hopped up a kerb and the bag bounced down touched the back wheel and was dragged under itself by the wheel, result one torn bag and a big skid.
    From new this would never have happened.
    Its a shame as it proved a great bag surviving a whole winters use, and works off the bike too.

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