Leave no trace?

A few weeks ago I happened to be out riding and smelt smoke. The fact I was riding through one of the largest forests in Wales gave me cause for a little concern. I poked my head through the trees and found that someone had set up camp in the trees. No harm done, so […]

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Cheap, strong, light … pick 3.

Have you ever thought how great it would be to take mans best friend along on your next trip? … well now you can! I spotted this the other day and thought it deserved a picture. The dog seemed to be guarding the shopping … well I assume it was because it was sat on […]

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Bear Bones 200 Scouting.

The pictures below were taken at places which may (or may not) make up part of the Bear Bones 200 route. They were taken over two consecutive days … the first day was slightly damper than the second, I’m sure you’ll be able to guess which are which. I’ll add a full trip report to […]

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Semi-skimmed Inbred.

When I chose to use Salsa Enabler forks on the orange Inbred I had a few reasons. If I’m perfectly honest, one reason was that they’d allow me to hitch a ride on the half fat bandwagon, if I fancied. The fact that it’s the height of summer and fat tyres are primarily used for […]

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Tour Divide Training … in Wales!

You could be forgiven for thinking that New Mexico and mid Wales don’t really have much in common and in the main you’d be right. One thing they do share is open spaces, granted those spaces might be on very different scales but they’re still big, open spaces with not much in them. Perhaps that’s […]

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WRT … A view from the trenches.

Obviously this year’s Welsh Ride Thing has been and gone but I thought I’d post a few pictures to whet your appetite for the coming months … hopefully those coming months will be a little less wet than it was at the end of May. If it’s good enough for the bears … Home sweet […]

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