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There are any number of ways, means and devices to tension a guy-line but Dutch Gear make some of the lightest, most cunning and let’s be perfectly honest, ‘blingy’ ones out there. For those with an interest in hammocks, the name Dutch and his titanium gear are probably both things you’re familiar with but for those who sleep at ground level, they may be something you’ve not come across before.

Titanium Dutch Gear
They may look odd but they’re all rather clever.

As you can hopefully see above, Dutch produces a host of strange looking devices who’s goal is to suspend, tighten or secure a line or strap. Some, such as the ‘Dutch clip’ are directly aimed at the hammock fraternity but most can be utilised by anyone who spends time beneath a tarp or even inside a tent. Each piece is made from titanium (with the exception of the ‘worms’ which are aluminium), so are light, strong and impervious to just about anything you can dish out.

Ti Dutch Gear Stingerz
Dutch Stingerz – I reckon they’d be ideal for the main line on a pyramid or at each end of a ridge line.

The Dutch ‘Stingerz’ are a spring-loaded carabiner type device that can be clipped onto a line, D ring or webbing loop that’s attached to a tarp / shelter, then used to secure and adjust a guy-line to a peg, tree, post or whatever. If you like, you can leave it clipped to your shelter and leave the guy-line in place too, which should help make bed times a speedy and largely painless process.

Dutch hook worm for tarp
Dutch Hook Worm – it’s uses are probably only limited by imagination.

The Dutch ‘Hook Worm’ performs a similar function to the ‘Stingerz’ but in a smaller / lighter way. Rather that a clip, the tarp-side line attaches to a simpler hook (yes, the clue’s in the name). Then tie the main guy-line to whatever you’re securing it to – peg, tree, etc and thread the other end through the worm where you can adjust the tension and lock it off … I appreciate that I’ve made that sound very complicated but in fact, it’s very simple and only takes a few seconds, even when starting afresh.

tarp worm set up
See, clear, concise instructions which probably weigh more than the Tarp Worms they depict.

Anyone who is struggling to get their head round how to configure these things, will be glad to know that each one comes with a laminated card giving clear instructions. As I say, they’re actually fairly simple once you’ve seen them in the flesh and had a few minutes to play with them. However, for the truly hard of understanding, there are numerous You Tube tutorials that should leave no one in any doubt about how to use them. 

As with so many things that may interest the intrepid two wheel traveller, there’s a premium attached and while people will tell you that ‘less is more’, we shouldn’t forget that it also tends to cost more too. Some will likely never be able to justify Dutch Gear to themselves, yet others will see it as a long-term investment or the next logical step to lightening or simplifying their kit. Up until recently, Dutch Gear was only available from the US which meant high postage costs and playing the ‘import duty lottery’ but not any more, as you can now buy it directly from the UK … something that should help take the sting out a little.

Dutch Gear is available through Micro Rigging on ebay.

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  1. Tuggles says:

    I've been using farrimond hitches on my tarps. Simpler, lighter and quick to undo.

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