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The Ocelot from Wildcat Gear is a semi-universal, partial frame bag. I say ‘semi-universal’ because it’s available in 4 different sizes … simply pick the one who’s dimensions best match those of your frame. The one in the pictures is a medium and the bike is a 16″ On-One Inbred, the Ocelot’s a near perfect fit (which was good fortune rather than management on my behalf). 

The Ocelot fastens to your frame by 4 Velcro straps … trust me, it’s not going anywhere, the Velcro Wildcat use must be some of the strongest made! The main compartment is on the drive side and is accessed by a number 8 ‘waterproof’ zip which is slightly larger than those commonly used but much stronger (and more expensive). At the front / top of the bag lives a very handy ‘port’ that allows you to run battery leads, bladder hoses, etc out from the main compartment. The non-drive side features a second, smaller pocket again accessed by a ‘waterproof’ number 8 zip … although smaller, it still runs the full length of the bag and is ideal for chocolate and flapjack holding duties!!!

Seemingly bigger on the inside than the outside.

If you’ve more than one bike, a partial frame bag might make more sense than going down the custom ‘full’ frame bag route. As long as you don’t ride a collection of bikes from opposite ends of the size and shape scale, chances are your bag will fit all your bikes rather than just one. There’s a couple of other benefits to choosing a partial rather than full bag too. Firstly you can still use your water bottle mounts, depending on your frame / bag size you may need a new side entry cage but that’s a small price to pay in my opinion. The second ‘bonus’ benefit is the fact that a smaller bag equals less room, which in turn means you’ll take less unnecessary junk along with you … don’t underestimate the importance of that one.

Main compartment – yellow lining for ease of finding stuff.

I could waffle on about the usual Wildcat quality of construction and attention to detail but let’s be honest … you’re much more interested in what you can fit in it, aren’t you? Well, below is a picture showing what I packed in the Ocelot for last weeks trip. It wasn’t bursting at the seams and I’m not the worlds most careful packer, so there was still the potential to add a few more of those unnecessary junk items we all love.

1/ Windshield
2/ Sea to Summit rucksack
3/ Sawyer mini filter and 0.5l bladder
4/ Pole-a bear pole
5/ Toilet roll + drugs
6/ 29″ tube
7/ Puncture stuff + links
8/ Pump
9/ Tyre lever
10/ Knife
11/ LED fairy lights
12/ Mini tool
13/ Teeth cleaning
14/ SnowPeak 450ml Ti mug
15/ Bear Bones stove
16/ 125ml fuel bottle

There was also a couple if choccy bars and some coffee sachets but I can’t show those as they didn’t make it back alive!

The Ocelot is available directly from WildCat Gear. Prices start £65


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