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Don’t go thinking this is a guide to help you choose gifts and presents for family, friends and loved ones, oh no. This is much a much more selfish type of guide and if used correctly will hopefully result in you actually getting something useful on the morning of December 25th.

Obsessive Compulsive Cycling Disorder and Great British Bike Rides … both penned by Dave ‘sweary’ Barter. One will help get you where you’re going and the other may help prevent you going where he’s been.

Auntie Joan stuck for something to buy you? Send her across to AlpKit … maybe some lightweight pegs, a tapered drybag or a new MyTiMug … which is actually like a gift for life.

Optimise your bikes carrying capabilities with the help of a Gorilla cage. Weighs nowt, won’t break and can carry much more than you imagine.

Struggling to get it up and keep it up? Then how about some Pole-a-Bear tarp poles? Strong, light and available in sizes to suit any tarp or shelter.
Bear Bones Bivvy Gear

Embrace your inner geek with a TrekkerTent cuben tarp. Stupidly light and built to last, it’ll provide all the shelter you need without weighing you down.

Use bottles but want a frame bag? You need a Wildcat Gear Ocelot, an ‘off the shelf’ frame bag solution. Already use a Mountain Lion? Then treat it to a Lioness and keep all those important bits and bobs safe and within easy reach.
Wildcat Gear

Indulge your down fetish with a handmade Black Rock down beanie. Not only will it keep your head amazingly warm, it’ll likely become your most prized piece of kit.
Black Rock Gear

Tour Divide on your ‘To do list’? Then you really should read these … Cordillera volume 6 and Trail Magic. If these don’t inspire and motivate you, then chances are nothing will.

Who said something can’t be cheap, light and strong? The Rolson clip on head lamp manages to combine all 3 and still produce enough light to prevent you walking into things.
All over the web

A knife’s a sensible addition to your kit but it doesn’t need to resemble a sword. Baladeo produce a range of ultralight knifes that are perfect the the needs of the discerning bikepacker … this one’s just 22g.

Keep the grit off your bits with some Mucky Nutz Bender Fenders. Front guards, rear guards and ones for the middle, in a variety of sizes including fat bike specific.
Mucky Nutz

Take a little extra capacity with the Sea to Summit Sil’ rucksack. Really comes into its own for carrying food, wood, wine or beer to bothies. When you’ve finished with it, pack it away and you won’t notice it’s there.


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