Windshield Sheet



All types of stove benefit from a windshield but up until now finding the right material to make one has been a struggle – too thin and it’ll burn and distort, too thick and it’ll be heavy and hard to work with.


Our aluminium windshield sheets are available in 2 sizes – 400mm x 125mm and 400mm x 250mm. The smaller sheets are the perfect size for making windshields and pot supports, while the larger sheets are big enough to produce taller cones, etc. The material can be cut with scissors, punched, drilled and folded without cracking.

  • 400mm x 125mm x 0.2mm sheet
  • 400mm x 250mm x 0.2mm sheet

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Windshield Sheet

400mm x 125mm x 0.2mm sheet, 400mm x 250mm x 0.2mm sheet


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