Pole-A-Bear DAC Poles



Alloy poles are assembled from high quality DAC 10.25mm diameter alloy sections, 2mm ultralight shockcord and machined aluminium/nylon tips – a hard anodised finish ensures they’ll look good for years.


DAC Poles are fitted with a dome on one end and a tip on the other. They’ll work with all flat tarps allowing you to produce numerous configurations and will also work with many shelters … if you’re unsure whether they’ll work with yours, just ask.

2 section, 70mm long
3 section, 110cm long
110cm + 70cm set
110cm + 110cm set

How long will my folded pole be?
To work out the folded length: decide on your total length required, then divide the overall length by the number of sections and add 35mm for alloy and 30mm for carbon to allow for the spigots and tips. As an example, a 110cm alloy pole made of 3 sections will be 40cm long when folded. The same pole made in carbon would be 39.5cm folded.


Contact us if you require a custom size.

Additional information

DAC Poles

2 section, 70mm long, 3 section, 110cm long, 110cm + 70cm set, 110cm + 110cm set


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