Pot Cozee



A pot cosy allows your food to continue cooking long after your stove has gone out, saving you precious fuel and allowing you to cook much more efficiently.

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Once your food’s up to temperature, simply place the pot in the Cozee, close the lid, fasten the flap and your meal will continue to cook and rehydrate without the need for anymore heat.

  • We produce Cozees for both sizes of AlpKit Mytimugs (pre-2015 750ml and the newer 650ml).
  • We also have Cozee Kits which contain everything (apart from contact adhesive) for anyone wanting to make their own, to suit whichever pot they use.
    MYOG Cozee instructions can be found here

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Pot Cozee

750ml Pot Cozee, 650ml Pot Cozee, MYOG Cozee Kit


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