Bear Pit Tarp


Designed to primarily be used in conjunction with a waterproof bivvy bag, the Bear Pit provides additional shelter and space, increasing the practicality of a bivvy without adding too much weight or complexity. Set-up is fast and straightforward requiring only four pegs and there’s no need to possess a black belt in origami to achieve a taught pitch.

  • Made from light yet strong Spinnaker. Highly waterproof and doesn’t absorb water.
  • Supplied with 4m of 1mm Spectra line.
  • Fitted pole eyelets at each end make set-up easy.
  • Reinforced tie-out points.
  • Can be used with either end as the top to achieve different pitches.
  • Average weight is just 95g including lines.
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Attaching lines:

A 50cm line on the sides will work fine for just about all configurations. A 150cm line on the front and back with a peg loop tied at the end and an additional loop tied at around 30cm from the tarp should enable you to utilise every option without the need to change or swap lines.


Loosely peg out the rear line and one side line. Insert your pole into the ring at the front of the tarp, stand the pole upright and peg that line out too. Now peg the remaining side out and then adjust all pegs as required to pull the tarp taught – remember, the angle of the lines in relation to the tarp will alter how the tarp sits. 80cm – 120cm pole length is ideal depending on the set-up desired (pole not included).


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